Born Free

It felt warm and tender. I wondered how it would be to leave this nest and go out to face the world. It was exciting but at the same time it terrified me. The world as I see it is bad and ugly, rude and heartless. I doubted if there was place in it for me- a child born of RAPE!
I had heard the word so many times and it echoed as it passed through the womb I lay curled in. The woman who is to give birth to me was already being called by a number of names- witch, slut, bitch, wretched creature… I don’t know why, I don’t understand either. All I know is that to me she would be the world; I will call her “mother”.
She talks to me every night and I listen to her silent sobs, feeling helpless that I cannot wipe them. She tells me of that stormy night when a rogue exploited her and left her with nothing – no honor, no happiness and no respect. The only thing he left behind was me. I am a mistake he made, a trace he left behind, a puzzle to the mystery the investigators are trying to sol…

Because I am a girl?


Through the looking glass


The Race


I, me , myself

I put down the cup of steaming hot chocolate and licked my lips savoring the last drop of it. Absolutely delicious and sinfully pampering. I smiled and thanked the chirpy waiter who dutifully collected the whopping charges for the drink.
It was 6 pm, time to head back after a day of walking through the streets of mylapore, complete with a snack at saravana bhavan, darshan at kapali temple, a walk by the beach,a  splurge of shopping. and of course that sinful cuppa of the magical concoction they call "chocolate". I felt tired, but content.
I don't remember the last time I did any of these in the company of just myself. After all it is taken for granted that there s someone around always, parents, siblings, neighbors, that gang from school, your college buddies, hostel roomates, office acquaintances. After all any company is better than no company right? 
But today was different. I got up feeling refreshed and excited about the day. I was going to go out and have some fun…

everything at once !

Have you ever come across these statements that just seem to make perfect sense? A rhetorical question perhaps or just an offhand statement that jolts you out of your self-absorbed cocooned existence? Well, the choicest pick for me in this regard would be "one thing at a time" .
This is probably the first lesson that my kindergarten teacher taught me when she taught me to put multi-colored loops of decreasing radii around a stand , that I do it one at a time and break-down that mammoth task into a game that was almost fun to play!
This was also what my mother taught me when I tried to stuff it a handful of home-made banana chips at one go and nearly choked- pick one at a time, that way you can relish it and guess what , eat more too !
Throughout childhood, this became a mantra- focus on one thing at a time and the world seemed a perfect place and life a beautiful journey, until...well until we grew up right?
I wonder if it is possible to live life like the game of loops. No…

Bittersweet Symphony