Bittersweet Symphony

The night was dark, no moon, no star
Thunder raged on like a soldier in war

A streak of lightning stared me in the eye

I stared back, my eyes too dry to cry

The pain was fresh, the wound still raw

A fate so cruel, that never before I saw

My hands reached out and shook in fear

the wind roared "he is no more here!"

Why did you leave my side so soon!?

had not you promised to bring me the moon!?

Those kind eyes I longed to see, those strong arms that cared

If only I was taken and you had been spared!

It was a crash so deafening

yet I did not hear a thing

Except the silent tears you shed

Even as you lay cold and dead..

I lay on my bed, lost in a trance

my spirits rose though just a nuance

My lips curved into a tremulous smile

knowing you are watching me all the while

Dew drops on roses so fresh

soothed me like a mother's caress

the golden rays seeped gently in

as though to cleanse many a sin

Love knows no body , no form or time

Just two souls ,yours and mine

Like the night , will disappear, this agony

Every new day , a bittersweet symphony...


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